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Picture of The Glasshouse in Southport Pub/nightclub.
Thursday night:Karaoke with 2-4-1 drinks 8-10pm
1st Sunday of every month (8pm-12) : Soul & dance with Alex Fergie

No longer the glasshouse ...
241b Lord Street
19.2.2002 One of the four 'Chill out' zones, in fact the most important one (The toilets are through the door on far right). 19.2.2002 Busy busy bar staff!
19.2.2002 A bunch of happy chaps. One asked "This photo isn't for a porn site is it?". No it's not, sorry! 
The lovely comfy sofas upstairs are ideal for resting your booty.
19.2.2002 More happy smiling people
Happy smiling people
19.2.2002 Good beer and a selection of spirits, (and an embarassed barperson,awww!)
19.2.2002 The Saturday DJ at the Glasshouse certainly has 'Decks' appeal, and with three turntables you're guaranteed to hear a flawless and interesting mix of chilled dance beats with a latino flavour.
The bar manager is shown here, managing to pull a pint for me!
19.2.2002 Busy busy bar staff!
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19.2.2002 Busy busy bar staff!
Picture uploaded on 25 Jan 2002 06:19

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