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Picture of Waverleys in Southport Cosy nightclub,always packed
Wednesday:Vodka 50p a shot
Thursday:Boogie nights
Friday:Too full to get served so get in early
3 waverley street
Tel.: 01704 538013
Opening times
Mon-Fri: -2AM
A bunch of joyful people - possible due to intake of C2H5OH but I think they enjoyed the music too. 29.1.02
DJ Chrissy 'G' and Big Steve keep the party going for Back to school & karaoke night.
(BTW- C2H50H is alcohol)
I know this girl from school so she *might* not assualt me for putting her picture online!!! A raunchy trio who struck a pose when they caught sight of the camera.
A better view of the throbbing masses (ooh err!) See? I told you - full dance floor.
When the dance floor is full, just boogie on your seat!
See? I told you - full dance floor.
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See? I told you - full dance floor.
Picture uploaded on 25 Jan 2002 06:27

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