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About ActiveX plugins provided by SouthportNightLife.com

Southportnews.com warrants that none of the plugins contain any
spy-ware, mal-ware, or other intended security flaws.
The root sertificate has not been enabled as a trusted root because
to do so requires a large yearly payment to a third party.
The programming was performed by J.P.Lee Bsc(Hons)
who has been a programmer for over 20 years.
If you have any questions concerning the plugins please feel free to Contact us
Southportnews.com provides several browser plugins for Internet Explorer.

Webcam client
The webcam client is a webserver for your webcam.
( Serving images on port 90, although alternate ports may be used)
It uses a HTTP POST request to identify your camera to our website
which can then inform viewers that your webcam is on.
The viewers browser is told where your webcam is and
live video images can then be requested.
The plugin has built-in immunity to the latest
MS windows messaging security flaw
(for which an exploit was publicly released on 7 Aug 2002 ).
The 'My webcam' link under the members menu is the only location
that the webcam plugin is available and authorised for download from.
Click here for further information on using your webcam

Image uploader
The image uploader plugin is used for uploading images.
Images are automatically compressed before upload.

If you have any problems with this website tell the technical team

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